Sunday, February 18, 2007

stamp room reorganizing

I am so excited. Today my husband and I went out and bought 3 pieces of furniture for my stamp room from office depot. a tall cabinet, paper sorter and a smaller cabinet. I have the best husband in the world, he puts up with my hobby and my mess.

Putting the pieces together became a big chore. the sorter was easy and pretty fast. the tall cabinet was missing instructions and door handle and had an extra bottom piece. the smaller cabinet had no hardware and no screws.

so I called office depot who were VERY helpful mind you both boxes were factory sealed still not been opened previously. After about 5 calls back and forth we decided that we would bring in the cabinet that had no screws or hardware and they would switch it out with the floor model (yeah no assembly) and then they removed the hardware from the floor model to put on the tall cabinet.

After this I started the moving around of stuff. I have too much stuff that is for sure.

I have all the stamps put away and my paper. now I have piles of other STUFF what to do next. Showing my 16 year old son look at the progress he laughs and says yeah whatever you say. bratty kid. lol

well off to bed then to start on the rest of my project tomorrow.

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