Monday, March 31, 2008

reflection atc tutorial

Materials: glossy card stock, stampscapes stamps, stipple brush, background card stock, plastic piece, scrap plastic, inks: going gray (su), always artichoke (su), bordering blue (su), Caribbean, (su), black stayzon.

stamp rocks twice overlaying a bit
randomly stamp cattails.
here is a close up of the above two steps together.

stipple darker blue on bottom and lighter on top. Don't worry you can stipple over the rocks and cattails.
Take a piece of plastic, in this case I used a name badge holder perfect size, over the top of the atc and stamp exactly where you stamped before (the rocks and cattails)
the carefully turn over and place where the reflection would go. then lightly press.
Next stamp the bird, I wanted him in bold so I used stayzon. this will ruin your good plastic so I used a wrapper and stamped in full with stayzon on that.
the place the junk plastic with bird on it where you want the reflection to go and press lightly.

easy way to do a reflection when you don't own a reverse stamp. Now its your turn to try it.

Note to my blog sisters

Just wanted to let you all know that I am trying to get to all your blogs at least every other day but sometimes it takes a bit longer. especially over the next few months when my calendar is full before my son graduates from high school. I do however save all the emails from those on Feedblitz and go back and read the all. I LOVE feedblitz it makes it so easy to get back to my favorite blogs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

recycled card

this is the card I did for a swap where we had to use recycled materials. I used the dryer sheet technique explained in a post a couple of days ago.

I also added a pop can top for a ribbon holder.

The flowers are by stampin up and as well as the background. the background paper is a dream scape paper that has some pretty glitter in it.

tomorrow I have a small tutorial on reflection stamping for an atc

Saturday, March 29, 2008

masking tape

the above was my very first attempt at this (by the way its a bit older to busy to stamp at the moment) but the strips were to long so I did another card below which I love

after randomly placing the tape over a piece of card stock you rub with an ink pad to pick up some of the ink. you can make it look like leather or dry ground I did one once that looked like a flower but can't find my sample in my files.

layered with some other stamps you have to use really strong glue though double stick tape and runners didn't work I think I ended up using tacky glue.

hope to have some more current stuff done soon

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

April calendar page

I got my new My Favorite Things stamps for this project. Ok so it was an excuse to get what I wanted long ago. But I love this set. As those that have seen my blog before know I am doing my calendar pages (8 of them) as I go because I wasn't going to do a calendar and then my coworkers were oh wonder what kind of calendar we get this year, in DECEMBER so I had to come up with something. Found these mini clipboards (1/2 sheet of paper fits perfect) at walmart for less then 2.00 and they work great.

Hate the above shot but that's what I get for waiting till 10pm to photograph them in crappy light. oh well. I have decided I NEED copic markers so next time Gina K has her club I am plunging in. because well I don't like the lines

Here is a closer shot of the dimensional I used on the water. isn't that little dog cute? truth be known had to have this set just for him.

ok thats all for now. I may not be able to post much till the weekend have a busy rest of the week and not sure how much stamping I can do.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Dryer sheet technique

well the shot doesn't show the glitter well on this but the above was done with the dryer sheet technique

Not sure who makes the image might be a Paula best. but it was a pov or point of view image for a stamp group I am in and we had to make something with it. chose some odd colors for me and painted the ladies with stampin up markers with vivid colors to stand out more from the dryers sheet. So cool makes it look like mulberry paper.

was sooo ticked though when I boo booed at the end. I put friendship on the dryer sheet part and it looked great except for the line from the stamp OHHHH that made me mad so had to cover it up with the green and then the words. I should not have pressed down so hard but was afraid that it wouldn't show up and would be too light. And of course I only had the one image to work with so that's all I could do.

Look for more of this technique coming up soon I plan to use it for a recycle swap I am in. Also coming up soon April calendar pages I think I know what I am going to do just need to stamp it out.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Encaustic crayon art

First off I have to admit these are a couple of years old. I haven't done this in a while though I really love it. its been CRAZY around here and I haven't stamped much other then making a bunch of those chocolate candy bar bunnies I showed you a few days ago.

The above image is encaustic crayon melted with an iron (with no steam holes) onto glossy paper and then stamped with stayzon onto with some stampscape stamps. simple but soo cool
Above and below were part of a larger sheet and I used the scraps to make a few cards like this with some fred mullet stamps.

this is one of my favorites. Can't remember who does the words but its a stamp. the birds are stampscapes and the tree is stamp in the hand (one of my favorite stamps)

These are pretty simple to do really just a bit messy. you can use crayola crayons I am told but the lyra work best because the color is so vivid in them.

Here are some links to learn more about this:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ribbon embroiderycard

I did a swap where we had to do ribbon embroidery on the card. WILL NOT repeat WILL NOT do this again. oh my word its hard to get through paper with that needle and ribbon. this is my dorky looking flower I did 4 others that look a bit better but didn't take their picture before I stuck them in an envelope.

oh and the little white part the hardest part of all going through all those ribbons ughh. but I do like it on there.

To do the rest of the card. I used a light purple card stock and stamped some leaves with stampin up always artichoke on it. Wrapped it in vellum and stamped with plum stayzon the friends words. then mounted the entire thing on dark purple.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A patty for you

Still working on my cards for a swap and didn't get them finished in time to put on the blog. hopefully tomorrow I will have a picture to share.

In the mean time here are the simple little patties I made for my coworkers for st pats day. scallop punch by stampin up. little heart punches by creative memories. and stuck a peppermint patty int he middle. just a little treat to say I was thinking of you.

Monday, March 17, 2008


A Break from stamping for a day.

Something a little different this weekend I tried a new craft called Needle Felting. this bunny was my first try.
The wool you use is rolled and then you use a special needle that has little barbs in it and very sharp (3 band aids latter). The needle helps make the fibers combine and make felt. was a lot of fun
this bunny took me about 1 1/2 hours to make. He is about 2 inches in size.
what made me want to try this. I saw some on eBay starting at 75.00 GET OUT. I so wanted one of my dog but was not going to pay that. so now I will practice a few more and make one of my dog

that's my little craft interruption. Hope to have more cards up tomorrow.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

sillhouette paper card

Went to a CTMH card making class with my demo Shannon B and I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this paper. I ordered 2more packs. I had dome some scrapbook pages with it as well a month or so ago one of them is below. and I am going to put my niece's wedding pictures in it I think.
but the cards are even more fab. I also had to get the clock set I think this will be great for other purposes.

well not much talk just some pretty cards. the cards were done using minimal amounts of paper using up entire sheets in small bits and now I have a ton of left overs to make even more cards. yahoo.

tomorrow I will be posting something a bit different but a project I worked on this weekend. hint?? its a bunny

Friday, March 14, 2008

stampin up workshop

more great cards from a workshop with my stampin up demonstrator Sharon B. she puts together some great cards for us. the above is a set from the mini part of it is cut out and a little glitter added. the background paper is gorgeous.

peppermint patties covered with the scallops and part of the chick in the egg from stampin up. tooo cute.

I think this is doodle this or is it doodle that can't remember. anyhow the flowers are stamped, cut and then curled over onto a dimensional (love that product) and then a half pearl is put on top. tooo cute. look at the pretty polka dots too cool wheel which I forgot to order dang it will have to do that at the next workshop.

NOW this bunny is sooooo dang cute I love it. all done with punches of course I had to order the ones I didn't have and will be making lots of these for my coworkers yes indeed.

and what is a candy without a basket. this cute one is made with an envelope tooo cool

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birds alive

I LOVE this bird from a set by Penguin Pants Rubber stamps

I stamped and embossed in black on vellum then colored the back. then I paper pierced it and connected the dots with white gel pen. background is a feather stamp from the set as well.

the detail in the stamp is awesome.

So what do you think of the top two?? the one on the left looks off doesn't it? well that was my first one and I was going to adhere it with some vellum tape that I had in my drawer WHO knows how old that stuff is. well it left a yellowy look on the card so I tried to save it and added to the entire back of the vellum and I HATE it so had to redo the whole thing and that is what the right card is.

so lesson learned use up those supplies before they go bad.

Monday, March 10, 2008

a couple close to my heart cards

Went to a CTMH party the other day and we did a couple cool cards. the top one is my favorite done with teh march stamp of the month. watercolored and then a couple pieces cut out and 3d. then some dimentional magic was added. love that stuff.

This one I like too even though I am not fond of sanding. it looks a little dark in the picture but its a dark purple and green. the green was scored a bit on the back to make the ridges and then sanded.

Now this one I am not fond of its ok if you like that distressed collage look but I guess I don't. its done by putting markers on a page protector then smacking some glossy up next to it then stamping the image on there and I still don't have the hang of the conchos either they never stay down right for me. ugh a learning process.

didn't order any of those sets but did get some paper, which by the way I am going to a class tomorrow on so will have some gorgeous samples of that, and a clock set.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

spring card

I did this for a spring swap. All stamps are by stampin up. the flowers arewhite embossed on vellum then cut out and colored with markers behind them. this is actually the prototype of the ones I did so it was cleaned up a little on the other 20 I made.

I love how it turned out and using words for stems is one of my favorite things to to

Didn't get my CTMH cards uploaded yet so those and more stampin up coming this week

Friday, March 7, 2008

ribbon flowers

Saved my favorite for last. Another card done with stampin up products at my demo sharon b's club. I just love love love this card.

the flowers were embossed in white on red card stock. cute out and a whole punched through the middle. then we took a piece of ribbon made a knot in it, simple I can do that bows not so good, the pulled it through the whole and secured the loose ends on the back of the flower with tape then stuck it to the rest of the card stock. LOVE this idea.

now the leaves were done using the flower punch that looks like a star sorta. then cut apart clever

coming up next blog?? hmm well I am going to a ctmh party tomorrow so we shall see what that brings you.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

eat your cake

Another quick card that I did at my demonstrator's workshop sharon B. simply beautiful

sorry not much more still exhausted but please take a look at the link for the susan b koman walk for a cure to breast cancer. Please pass on or donate if you can.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


OK this is the cutest thing I think. My Demo Sharon B showed us this at our workshop. I have been told by another that was the original designer though I can't confirm that. so please excuse me if correct credit is not given.

All products are stampin up.

take a normal size card but fold at the top not the side.

With the large circle punch out the neck and the legs and cut from the legs by judgement.

stamp the background.

Stamp the middle on a separate piece of card stock and emboss. cut with scallop punch (LOVE that punch)

punch out extra parts of the scallop and then cut the middle out with the circle punch.

for the buttons use the cropadial as an embosser and then punch those out too cute.

hope you enjoyed this