Wednesday, May 28, 2008


our technique challenge was to do quilling. so I thought ducks and fish would be cute.
The ducks weren't to bad to do the beaks were a pain to glue on. actually think I ended up with more glue on me then anywhere else.
My fingers had the hardest time with this project I doubt I will try it again but glad I tried it once.

I added some stampscape sky and some water and some liquid dimensional magic to make the water.
and this is how it looks. what do you think??? so so ????

Monday, May 26, 2008

June Poppies

My June calendar page done yeah and its not even the end of the month yet.

I love poppies and this is a fun image. All stamps except the sky are Stamp in the Hand. the sky is stampscapes. I used glossy paper and marvy markers and ink. Direct to stamp for all but the bee. Sponging on the ground and some of the sky.

a close up of the bee and poppies. a tip I learned from Joyce Hazen is to use a little purple in the bee to give shading she said the wings too but I couldn't get them to turn out right so left clear. on the poppies there is a bit of red added after I colored with orange to give some shading

I love this technique its my favorite thing to do

Sunday, May 25, 2008

heirloom convention puyallup - sum up

Last of my pictures and thoughts on the convention last weekend. The vendor selection was good only about 40 this time but some new ones. the above was a pin mom had made at one vendor that sold the angelic fibers fun idea. You take your stamp ink it up. leave with rubber side up on table inked place fibers on it. then parchment paper and then iron it. they fuse together.

Sadly though the make and takes on Friday night costing $20 were not worth it.

There were 2 great ones this first one by Taj of Honolulu ,which you saw a more pictures from earlier this week was a fun.

The second was Dee Gruening demoing for Sunday International. two fun atc's embossed in white on black then colored with markers over the embossing then used some cool pens to paint extra stuff on the black. she sold many of us on the pens and the squishy scissors.
one of the reasons we were disappointed in the make and takes was this card by creations unlimited. not a bad card just not worth the price it took me less then 5 min and then had another 25 min to twiddle my thumbs. worse then that was the fact that there were 5 different cards done at the table did different cards there were some really cool cards done too but we got STUCK with this one.

the last project I didn't even photograph it was a really cool book but no one finished it. It was from CTMH demos and just wasn't feasible in 1/2 hour. Not to mention no sample to know what we were doing and little direction for something that you only have 1/2 hour for.

so if going to a heirloom convention take note and be aware that the make and takes you are doing might not be worth your time and money. One note when one of the gals in our group mentioned this to the coordinator she was greatly offended and pretty much dismissed her thoughts on the subject. I heard from a couple people in other cities that have been to an heirloom convention and they pretty much said the same thing.

Did I spend to much yeah probably but some of these people I never see and some of these companies are new. You do learn a lot at a convention new tools, new techniques and new ideas. Great place to meet up with friends and if you travel a bit a nice "GIRL" weekend.

hope you enjoyed the convention stuff up next some more stamping I am just about finished with my June calendars

Saturday, May 24, 2008

convention - stampscapes

I love stampscapes and this scratch board is sooo much fun. Anyone can make something great with it I think. I made this first sample on the Saturday make and take I think its a 3 x 3 square. A little blurry could not get my camera to focus well and said screw it good enough.
Now here is my mom checking it out on Sunday while I was making a night scene with Kevin. After a bit she decided oh heck I think I can do that. She is NOT a stamper I tell you that
So after she saw a little kid doing it she really said I have to try this and sat down and worked on her butterfly on a full size piece of scratch board.
This is what she came up with. Pretty cool huh?? she was impressed enough to actually buy some of the stuff.
Ahhh Kevin Nakagaw. He is talented watching him I learned a lot about how to hold the stylus and how to add color. that is the best thing about conventions you learn so much.

And here is my FAVORITE make and take. I love how this turned out. Its on glossy card stock with light blue over the entire thing then black marvy streaks with the stylus. added the trees then added the dots using Dr martin bleed proof white paint.

More samples can be seen on the stampscapes website including tons of tutorial information

Friday, May 23, 2008

convention - stamp in the hand

On of my favorite booths always is Stamp in the hand I always love their stamps and now they are unmounted and in CD cases love this storage idea. My favorite is always Joyce Hazen

their booth always gets a big chunk of my money because I can't find their stamps anywhere and their online site doesn't yet sell them. wish they would hurry up and do that.

this card was done for my mom by Kat from stamp in the hand. love that artichoke stamp
this card by Joyce Hazen is really cool. the background is done with micro glaze. first stamp the bubbles and some swishes using a duster stamped into a thin coat of micro glaze. stamp onto glossy then rub an ink pad over top. magic I tell you.

this pop out card done by Jocye instructions can be found on Carol Duval's website

Joyce Hazen if you get a chance to take a class or watch her do it quick because she wont be doing them much longer. this is a tragic thing. I think because of her I have learned so much and spent many a penny. I really wish she would come out with some videos on her techniques.

some projects Joyce has done:
tic tac toe board,,HGTV_3255_2792055,00.html

receipe book,,HGTV_3288_3994553,00.html

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

convention - taj of Honolulu

Hard to think of christmas in May but this was tooo cute.

Taj has several items them sell we bought several of their brass templates that make the reindeer, penguins and other animals. they also have some kids clothing and some stamps.

They are of course from Honolulu and can be found at their site
Their site is a bit slow and the stencils can be found in the accessories section.

There were several different make and takes as well.

this is the cute money or card holder we made at one make and take

This 4 animal head card was done at the Friday night make and take session. though I liked this card I have a bad review of that session. Taj was one of two out of four vendors that was worth the class.

this was their other make and take card at their table. They thankfully had all the pieces embossed and cut first (what a chore that would be) so it went quick.

Nice gals that work there as well fun booth. They were one of only 2 places that sold the embossing plates the other being tessler stamps/stencils I didn't get to that booth but passed it a couple of times looked interesting and saw they had some paper piercing templates but didn't make it back to check into them further

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

convention - Penguin Pants Rubber Stamps

Teresa, Amanda, and Jan of Penguin Pants Rubber stamps

So the first in my serious of reports from the Puyallup convention is Penguin Pants Rubber Stamps. They had a great booth set up except for their paper display, way to many people missed out on that since you don't get just paper but embellishments to go with it they are a great deal. This from the person that doesn't buy decorative paper much too.

One of their make and takes they did several . This is done with the bug set isn't that lady bug adorable. Even more so I love the little swirly thing. the make and Takes were a big hit and believe me some stamp places even charged for their make and takes. these were fairly quick and you used several stamps and tools.

A couple of the sets I already own from them. I didn't buy anything this weekend because I am taking a couple of their classes coming up and I will get them then. these are a blast because of their humor and talent. Some of their classes can be found at A Stamp 4 All.

Ok so I am a little partial to them since they are my hometown gals trying to make a go of it in this world but they really do have a great product to offer and their stamps are so well made and I know they put a lot of thought into what they produce.

stay tuned for more reviews and show and tell

Monday, May 19, 2008

Back from convention

Look at the loot!!!! Had a great time in Puyallup at the rubber stamp convention. Met up with a bunch of friends what more can you ask for: stamping, friends, vacation, and lots of fun. The convention was a bit smaller then it had been in the past but lots of new vendors that I hadn't seen before including Penguin Pants Rubber stamps and Animal Spirt stamps and soo much more. will be uploading some cool ideas, make and takes and more stuff this week.

Here a few pictures from the trip over the mountains. Isn't Mt Rainer majestic and almost "scary" it is huge and can be seen for miles and miles. Not bad for a shot from the moving car.

Going over the pass snow could still be seen.
Not much of snow fan myself but it does make for beautiful scenery.
Next up shots from the convention in Puyallup.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

convention and a blog share

well I am off to a rubber stamp convention tomorrow so wont be posting for a couple of days. Hope to have some good shares when I get back.

So for now you can check out a new blog that has some beautiful cards in it.

hope you enjoy her blog

and spring has finally hit my house and the tulips are actually starting to bloom YEAHHHHHH
of course they aren't as spectacular as they could be due to the bad winter we had here. but hey they are coming up so I am happy

Sunday, May 11, 2008

stained glass butterflies

I hope everyone had a great weekend and all you mom's out there had a good mothers day. My family spoiled me as usual. And I had a good time with my mom as well.
these are two ATC's I did for a stained glass swap. well not sure you could call them stained glass but that's what I am calling them. they were both done with acetate. The above atc was stamped first on purple with a Denami stamp and then with stayzon stamped onto acetate. The back was colored with glue and then glitter attached. I was trying to get this to attach to the paper and it wasn't working well so did pop dots but HATED the look of them so added the little butterflies by rubber stamp tapestry (LOVE those peg stamps) then punched out and colored added to the edges.

This second one I smeared blue over some paper and then stamped this collage butterfly (I forget who this one is by at the moment) on to acetate and did the same as above with glitter. To adhere this one I xyroned the paper.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

guy scrapbook pages

went to a ctmh workshop and we did 8 layout pages theme "a guy thing"

Lots of fun like the little tags on this one.


wont be posting again to Saturday or Sunday. mom and I are off for our annual mother's day out and spending the night at an Indian casino where they have all you can eat CRAB yummy

so I leave you with my sad puppy

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

being a girl

This is an old card I did about 2 years ago but it reminded me of how I was photographing my new nails for a friend. I thought it was time to do some gel nails and took the plunge. I LOVE them and hopefully I can work with them. I think french tip instead of color is so pretty and makes your fingers look longer. well that's my excuse for getting them instead of color anyhow.

So I have to admit it was late at night I propped up the camera and put it on timer and came up with a few shots of me. UGH not fond of my own picture but that's besides the point.

And I have to mention that my fetish is jackets. Especially the shirt jackets from a store called Christopher and banks (not sure if spelled that right) this is one of favorites. well the all are I guess. And of course a close up f the nails. see the sparkle in the gel love that little touch it will match the glitter I get all over me while stamping. Not the prettiest of hands but oh well

coming up tomorrow I hope to have a serious of scrapbook pages for guys completed.