Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May flowers

Yikes May is tomorrow and I haven't done my may calendars yet. so here is my prototype, need to make 7 more by tomorrow morning. lol

I really like this set embrace life by stampin up. so elegant and versatile. the background is a piece of thyme card stock because when I was photographing it it didn't show up well. What I did was stamp the branch on the card stock backing which is thyme. then on vellum stamped the flower branch and colored the back flower with pink. added some brads and done. well at least one is done.

It looks much nicer in person but you get the idea.

Still have my workshop photos to load so hope to do that tomorrow. did the cutest strawberry.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

interesting morning.

Well a short detour from stamping I will have some class samples up tomorrow.

whew what a morning got out of the shower only to hear a noise in the garage. so I yell to Dave someones in the garage. he jumps out of bed (530 am) and he runs to the front of the garage I run to the back (ours opens on both ends) well nothing. hmm that's weird. so he goes takes a shower comes out we are reading the paper and there it is again. I look out a window into the garage and I see a little furry hand prying at a hole in the back garage door. scared me to death the noise it was making

I yell squirrel in the garage. great we have had one in the house once, our old one when we were selling it and it made a terrific mess. so we go out open the garage and see nothing but leave it open for 1/2 hour.

time to leave now and we go out to shut the door hoping its gone well NOT, it comes running out only its not a squirrel its a whew what a morning got out of the shower only to hear a noise in the garage. so I yell to Dave someones in the garage. he jumps out of bed (530 am) and he runs to the front of the garage I run to the back (ours opens on both ends) well nothing hmm that's weird. so he goes takes a shower comes out we are reading the paper and there it is again. I look out a window into the garage and I see a little furry hand prying at a hole in the back garage door. scared me to death the noise it was making

Well its not a squirrel at all its a Marmot we normally don't have any in our neighborhood.

We are trying to get him out of the yard and out from under the shed we don't need him making that a home. In the process he bit Dave's foot thankfully he had on work boots so no damage other then a scuff on the boot. we had both fences open but when he finally figured a way out he goes running and wham runs right into the fence stops is a little shocked and then manages to scurry underneath and heads a couple houses down. hopefully he wont be back.

they are kinda cute and very scared. but I just don't need one in my backyard . It would drive the dog bonkers I am afraid.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Neglected stamps need a home

time to purge a few stamps that have been neglected for way to long. And make a little cash to take to the stamp convention in a couple of weeks.

If you are interested please check my ebay id is Stampmouse

I have uploaded some wood ones so far: magenta, penny black, club scrap, house mouse to name a few. The above stamp is by me and carrie lou. I will be loading more as I go still have some stampin up and close to my heart and of course so other odds and ends. they are priced to sell hopefully. And as always just email me and I can get you more camera views or more information.

hope to have some postings soon but need to clear off my table. what a whirl wind spring so far. Girls weekend I am sooo ready for you.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

TAC fun

Went to The Angel Company party this weekend and made a couple really cute cards. I had seen a catalog before but not in person. great stamps
Sorry about the missing days of blog posts its been super busy and going to be sporadic until after my sons graduation in June. we have lots of projects taking me away from stamping. But hope to get some more stuff up soon.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Radiant Roses

I love this stamp (hmm I think I say that a lot) its by peddlers pack not even sure if they are around anymore. Anyhow it is a large stamp that I tried a new product for me on. Perfect pearls. I really hate this stuff. I just am not a powder person I guess. But I had a challenge so this is what I ended up creating after trashing 4 other ideas.

perfect pearls is a product where you apply a wetting agent to the stamp kinda like versa mark I am thinking. then stamp it and apply powder with a brush. then with another brush clear away the unused portions.

you can't see it in the pictures well but it does leave a gorgeous sheen to it. I notched the corners and added some fun fur and mounted on black glossy paper.

I may or may not use that stuff again guess I need to pick stamps like this one to really make it worth my while.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Race for a cure

today was the big race and it was a whole 31 degrees out for it. BRRRRRRRRRrr long johns, gloves and ear muffs. good thing they gave out scarves and silly energizer bunny ears to add to the warmth.
I forgot my camera so just took a couple cell phone shots. doesn't my mom look great. lol she will love this when she sees it. better not tell here I put it on the blog.

Over 4700 walkers and runners were signed up this year so a great turn out for a great cause.

to find out more about this walk and to see if one is in your area please check out their site. the Susan g komen fight for a cure the more we know about breast cancer the better we can get the word out and find a cure.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

bonus card and a nugget purse

Last of the cards from my workshop last weekend by my awesome demo Sharon. the top card is a pocket card with a bonus bookmark. too fun. although my picture of the bookmark is screwbally. lol
and these little purses made to fit around the nugget are fun. the top and the handle are made with oval punches. those are SOOO versatile I think everyone needs them.

I am finally feeling better except a lingering cough that makes me sound like I smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day. hoping that goes away soon.

tomorrow is the race for a cure Susan G Komen walk and its going to be cold about 30, windy and maybe snow or rain. that sounds like fun right? NOT.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

photo card

well on the mend but still not up to par so this is another card from my stampin up workshop with my demo Sharon.

I am thinking I will make a bunch of these but not this set since I don't own it for my family after the big grad party in June since there will be so many of them here it would be nice to share a bunch of pictures. the pages are clear envelopes.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

g for grad card

did this at a stampin up workshop Sunday. Love that star wheel going to have to remember to get it next time because I forgot this time dang it.

Used the cropadile on the eyelets too cool. that I did remember to buy well my mom bought it for me. lol gotta love that.

sorry I am behind in my blog and reading my blogs too. Sunday evening I came down with a nasty sinus infection and now on a round of antibiotics. The fever finally broke a couple hours ago and hopefully I am able to go to work tomorrow. I just know my desk is going to be full of problems to deal with. ugh Anyhow hope to catchup on my blog reads this weekend they are saved in my emails at least.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Safari tree

I know I use this a lot but I love this tree what can I say. its a stamp by stampin in the hand. the giraffe is by stampinup. stippling is my favorite thing to do.

the reason for the card well caardvarks is having a contest that ends TONIGHT go check out there blog here and enter. the second reason for this card I played with this stamp just a few nights ago to make this card again and can I find it now??? NOOOOO its has to be somewhere oh those darn gremlins.

well off to a stampin up party so more samples soon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

wow what an honor

I feel lucky to be among so many AWESOME cards I was picked as an honoree for my cracked glass lion (that I posted here a couple days ago) on the Virtual stamping night.

Check out all the honorees at: VSN APRIL RUNWAY HONOREES

My card is posted here on splitcoast: cracked glass lion

These are fast and fun challenges and always a blast. I wished I could have done a few more but time didn't allow it.

CONGRATS to everyone that played

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

dress me up

played with a template from mirkwood designs and made a couple dresses. the first I used the cuttlebug and added a few beads.

this one just didn't do it for me. to simple tried adding the buckle and still didn't like it but I finally came up with the last design that I liked.
used lumiere paint (love that stuff) and some beads and some fun fir.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

kindred spirts

normally I would not post twice in one day but after an email of a blog up date from Gina K I just had to pass on the news.

she is doing a journey of kindred spirits and it is well worth your time to read the stories of some incredible women, share in a recipe and well sneak a peek at their new stamps.

start your journey HERE:

Favorite card challenge

I was way to tired to work on my swaps tonight but wanted to post something. so I picked 3 of my all time favorite cards. Mind you this was a tougher task then I thought it would be probably should just have gone and stamped because it took me over a 1/2 hour to figure it out.

The first one is the newest of the bunch some MFT stamps. just had to have them you know just for that lady with the binoculars, that is so me but with a camera, well at least in my dreams.
Next is some stamp in the hand stamps. I love how easy these are with glossy paper and marvy markers direct to rubber then stamped. they always turn out AWESOME. I have made variations of this card probably a dozen times at least.
lastly are some trees oh I love trees you know. I almost posted one of a tree by stamp in the hand but decided no i did the birds so now this one. this card I have made over and over and stamps are by stampin up.
so what are your favorite cards???? post me a link in my comments and I will check them out.

Monday, April 7, 2008

scrapbooking day

I do a monthly class with a ctmh demonstrator and we do 8 pages. we use the most of every scrap of paper for the class which makes it fun and sometimes a challenge.
this months paper was gorgeous. Paper Garden I believe it was called. I loved the wildflower paper.

I even liked the stickers this month. Now I am not big on stickers. but the above and below picture shows you a strip that is a sticker layered onto paper. now that I love

the above sticker works like a slide and really adds to the dimension of the page I think.

Not sure what photos I will put in these probably garden flowers. duh.

Oh and by the way I was to lazy to take them out of the page protectors and photograph them and even lazier didn't re-size them. Well actually I did start to but thought it looked funny so left them with the shot of my bay window seat.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cracked Glass

A VSN challenge at really pretty easy here is an easy tutorial to follow.

But basically stamp an image cover with several coats of ep or UTEE it works best in my opinion. then pop in freezer for a few minutes then take out and bend till it cracks like you want it to.

here is a close up of the cracking.

stamps used:
lion - stamp oasis
background - stampendous
words - printworks

hope to do a few more challenges but time is not on my side this weekend. grrr oh well next time

Saturday, April 5, 2008

VSN time at Splitcoast stampers

well its VSN weekend at come check it out. LOTS of fun

I wasn't able to be there last night and running out the door now but wanted to post something for my blog buddies.

the above is my RUNWAY inspired card. I used glossy paper with stipple brushes and started from teh center with yellow, orange,red, green blue and purple. added some spikes of purple. some peacock feathers by rubber stampede, and the vision by stampers anonymous

check back later for more fun

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Deal or No Deal

Sorry no stamping today. I spent most of the day in a line. A LONG line.

For about 5 hours 2 of which were outside in the COLD 30 degree weather waiting to get in for a casting call for the game show Deal or No Deal.

I even took the day off to endure this. YES I am insane.

after 5 hours I got a 30 second interview, TIMED, standing at a table with 10 other people. from that 10 they choose 2 others to go to the next stage.

I was not one of them dang it. Instead they choose a sahm with a new baby and a guy that chants. Well that's all I know about them because for 30 seconds that is what I heard.

Oh well they say they will keep it on file for a year and you never know. But it was a fun experience and I am glad I tried it. You never know if you don't try something right??

well hope to have something new for you tomorrow night but not tonight I am DOG tired. standing for that long was hard on the feet and back.