Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Kamiak Butte and Steptoe Butte

Took a drive to Kamiak Butte in Washington between Palouse and Pullman. At Kamiak there is a 3 1/5 mile hike to the top and a 1/2 mile vista trail where you can see the fields of the palouse

The hike is a steep one to the top but going down is a breeze on the switch back trail. Hmmm wonder why didn't do that to begin with.

The Fields that you can see for miles and miles are fertile growing lands.

But the views are fantastic. Here you can see to Steptoe Butte to the left between the trees.

Our Dog loved it. Duncan met many friends along the trail as well. Very dog friendly. Actually family friendly lots of camping a great play are for the kids. Nice real toilets and picnic grounds

After climbing to the top we decided to stop at steptoe Butte on the way home since it was only a few miles out of the way.

A view from the bottom looks small doesn't it? NOT Its a twisty road to the top that is very narrow. Thankfully no cars passed us going up. There are no guard rails ahhh scary indeed.

But when you get to the top you can see for a long ways. And its very pretty when the fields are in bloom. hmm can you say that about grass?? no matter.

Unlike Kamiak though there are no forest to go through, no hiking and no flowers along the way.

A view of Kamiak Butte from Steptoe. Its the wooded mound in this picture

Was a great weekend for a hike and to see something new pretty much in our own backyard. hopefully tomorrow I can get some pictures of the wildflowers up.


Michelle said...

Beautiful pictures!!

Can I tag you? I'm new to all this so I hope I did it right!


SeattleStamper said...

Wow that's beautiful! I went to Kamiak HS and had no idea this place existed. I'll have to go hike it sometime this summer. Thanks for sharring the beautiful photos!