Friday, January 2, 2009

Organizing and unmounting of stamps

With January comes the organizing bug it seems. I have decided that I have no room left in the inn for anymore stamps. Solution?? well un-mount them of course. while this is a very scary task for me I have decided that to start with I will organize my unmounted acrylic and unmounted rubber stamps.

Above are my results so far about 30 cd cases full of my acrylics like penguin pants rubber stamps, my favorite stamps and some of my unmounted so far like Gina K.

For the rubber mounted I just squeeze them all in and tape an index to the inside but facing out front of the cd. For the acrylic I use the plastic sheet that is already stamped and I cut it around to fit the inside of the cd case. this sometimes takes some creativity but it works.

In some cases I have to put the clear stamps on both sides. this doesn't work with my the rubber mounted stamps that have ezmount on them. They will only fit on one side. If you were to put them in on both sides of the cd then it would not close.

I plan on labeling the edges of the Cd's with the name or category of the stamps.

The hardest part will be my stampin up stamps. I really need to go through them and determine if I really really want to keep each one. Because once I un-mount they are more difficult to sell. Not that selling them will not be easy I need to figure out where and how to do that. Not sure if Ebay is the way to go since I haven't seen them selling well on there.


Cher Bapp said...

I have the same mental battle over my SU sets! I love using CD cases for acrylic and UM stamps...and I love how small of a space I can fit 100 sets in...but I sell SU sets that I don't use and I hate to be stuck with them if I unmount them. Still...they are SPACE HOGS. :) Nice job organizing!!

Heidi said...

WOW- what a task, good for you. I am not organizing but working on some Vday stuff. I have tons of SU sets I need to sell: first I will list on SCS and then they will go to ebay.

Susan said...

Good job on getting organized. I only unmounted one of my SU sets and only because I bought it on ebay and it was in such bad shape I had no choice. But I never use it now because I forget I have it hidden away in my CD cases. Plus I'm a wood mounted gal. When I start running out of room, I go through all my sets and decide which ones I really don't use anymore and sell them.

Kristine B. said... are ambitious!! Hope you get it all done. That looks like I should do that too.

Carolyn King said...

wow..looks like a huge undertaking..good for you. When you are done, can you do mine! lol!

Jackie said...

Ooh, good luck with organizing all your stamps! I've started something similiar with the unmounted rubber I've received and it's working out pretty good so far. I would never try to un-mount all my SU! stamps....I went through them and pulled out the ones that I didn't want. First I let my customers go through them and then I'll get rid of the rest on SCS. Always works for me!!!

Stamping Seasons said...

What a great Idea. My unmounted stamps are just in a box... making it hard to find anything!!! You have inspired me to do something about it now. Thanks Laura