Thursday, February 5, 2009

This card sucks

Ever have a night where it isn't coming together?? well that's this card. The challenge silver. I have to make 6 cards with the theme of silver (well mostly silver) I added the olives but really that's to much color. it looks to plain so I added the scallop and then ran it through the ink. HATE it. I did like the dimensional magic on the inside of the glasses.

anything that could save this card???? I wouldn't send that to anyone

Back to the drawing board I suppose.


Mel said...

It's really not bad, Laura. I wouldn't mind receiving a card like that... :)

Anonymous said...

Can you only use silver? Can you add some olive/green ribbon? Maybe silver ribbon....silver stickles in the martini glass, silver brads somewhere?

It's not as bad as you think, but I bet it looks better in person! :)