Saturday, April 28, 2007

Japanese gardens

Spent a couple hours in the Japanese Gardens at Manito Park. It was a bit of a cool out but it was japan week and there was an Aikido demonstration that was going on as well as some other demonstrations like Japanese flower arranging, bonsai trimming and brush painting. (note no pictures of any of these because i didn't get permission to post them need to remember that next time)

The gardens are full of beautiful scenery and peaceful feeling. Created many years ago with the help of a sister city any stop to Spokane is not complete without visiting there or at least some of our Manito gardens.
The waterfall is on of the most prominent features as any true japanese garden would have.

The Bridge is another feature that is very striking in the gardens.

Below the bridge is a pond full of beautiful Koi.

There are many other features to this garden that I will have to share later when I can get some shots without so many people there.


Kirstin said...

Hi Laura!!! great pictures....guess what?
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Joan said...

These pics are gorgeous

JAR said...

Beautiful pictures. It looks really peaceful!