Sunday, April 1, 2007

photography and scrapbooking

Duncan one of my favorite photo subjects

Saturday and sunday was an all day long seminar by George Lepp ( ) an awesome photographer and speaker. Had a great time and learned lots. One of the biggest things I learned was I know nothing Seriously though it did inspire me to learn more.

I have always loved photography but never knew more then just point and shoot. Even as a child I liked taking pictures and loved keeping them. As an adult I took some but it wasn't until I had a child that they became even more important to me. about 10 years I discovered scrap booking and then I started to take even more pictures. which has put me about 10 years behind in my scrap booking as well. Then came the digital camera a couple of years ago and well then I took even more pictures.

two of my scrapbook pages from when I was in the Air Force and received an incentive flight on a F-16

All of this has lead me to the point where I want to not only take pictures but take good pictures and share them. I don't necessarily want to make it a job because well that'spretty competitive and I would rather just enjoy the art.

So off to learn more I go. Taking this seminar was my first step. Next I will take a two day class this month. then I think I need to find more about adobe photoshop because it seems that is about as important as a darkroom would be to a film photographer. Someday I may have time during the day to take classes but unfortunately my job is during the day and that currently supports my hobby.

A couple of my favorite shots from Canada near Banff.

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