Tuesday, February 12, 2008

animal cuties

this is one of a dozen cards I made for a swap. still not happy with it. think it needs some brads or something. and I see I need to do a little touch up with the markers as well funny how a scan always brings that out.

Stamps are by Gina K

simply done with markers on the giraffe and stamped in gray for the elephant. red on the words but they almost look purple in the scan. should have taken a picture but to lazy. been down a bit with siatic nerver problems. hmm why is the spell check not working. grrrrr


Joani said...

No, it's adorable! You did a great job. Love those images!

Lindsay said...

that is so smurfin' cute!!!

Lindsay said...

Oh by the way!! You have been awarded an E for Excellent award for your blog wear it proudly, please see my blog for the award and nominate atleast 5 more people for the award!!