Monday, September 15, 2008


Sorry I have neglected my blog lately. Life has been busy and hasn't included much stamping time. I hope to get back to that this coming weekend or even earlier. But thought I would post a little drive I took with my parents this past weekend. the above picture is of the Spokane river the below picture is my dad. He He doing what he loves looking at rocks. I have picked up his love for them as well. I don't look as them as specimens like he does but I love to have rocks from everywhere I visit in my yard.

we did eventually end up in two rivers Washington. where the Spokane river (the left side of the shot) and the Columbia (coming from Canada) meet up and remain the Columbia river.

Life is like a rock collection you either pick it and put in your pocket or skip it across the river.

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Lorraine said...

beautiful pictures. how lucky are you!