Tuesday, September 16, 2008

spring time butterflies

Did this at my stampin up demo's last week. soooo very cool. she always give us great projects to do. looks kinda simple on the outside I thought at first then kaboom you open it up. simply done with a large circle punch that was made into a spiral. so very easy and looks cool.

on a side note I did it I added the rs feed to the blog and I am now fully migrated over to google reader for reading my blogs as well. ohhhhhh I LOVE it I tell you no more missing anything. the only downside is now I don't actually post as often as I would to the blogs


Kristine B. said...

OH...that is sooo NEAT!! :) Love all the butterflies fluttering around. Great job!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great card. I love the flying butterflies and the grass at the bottom.


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Dragana Skoro said...

I love this card. I made few the other day, they are so fun.

Diane said...

Really neat card!!! Its mazing to me what everyone can think of...so glad we all have each other to share with!

Lori Barnett said...

How cool! I would love to try something like this. Love it!