Thursday, March 19, 2009

princess pages

Now normally I wouldn't do this girly kind of pages since I have a boy and i am so NOT a pink person. but I thought these pages would be good for Disney pictures.

Hubby and I went to Disney World for our 20Th anniversary last summer and these will work great for them.

we had dinner in the castle and I think those pictures will go great on here.

sorry I was so lazy taking pictures I didn't take them out of the page protectors. Its been a crazy couple of weeks at work and I have been just to pooped to do much when I get home.


Joseph Pulikotil said...


Greetings :)

Amazing work of art with fantastic creativity and an excellent story to back it up.

Best wishes :)

Mel said...

Hi Laura,

I went to a cropping event on Friday night. These pages are so beautiful! I don't have anywhere near the decorative creativity you do. But it's fun watching your blog for ideas. :)