Wednesday, May 20, 2009

lunchbox, scrap desk

check out this cool desk

I soooo need this desk for my stamp room which currently looks like above

wouldn't a desk like this look good in there

I love the glass top now that is clever. not only a good surface but you can store your treasured items in there for inspiration. plenty of cubbies and pockets for putting tools and accessories in there as well.

check it out for yourself and while you are at it vote for my cutest project. somewhere around 352 they havn't got it up on their site yet. edited to add I am number 354you will see more of this project in another blog. I am just back from a fun week of stamping and scrapping with friends on the east coast.

ok check back in a few days or hopefully tomorrow if I can get more pictures resized in time for more fun projects. I learned lots of new things


Adriane Albrecht said...


I voted for you, I love the box. You are entry number 354.


Jamee said...

that desk looks awesome! your cards are so cute!