Monday, March 31, 2008

reflection atc tutorial

Materials: glossy card stock, stampscapes stamps, stipple brush, background card stock, plastic piece, scrap plastic, inks: going gray (su), always artichoke (su), bordering blue (su), Caribbean, (su), black stayzon.

stamp rocks twice overlaying a bit
randomly stamp cattails.
here is a close up of the above two steps together.

stipple darker blue on bottom and lighter on top. Don't worry you can stipple over the rocks and cattails.
Take a piece of plastic, in this case I used a name badge holder perfect size, over the top of the atc and stamp exactly where you stamped before (the rocks and cattails)
the carefully turn over and place where the reflection would go. then lightly press.
Next stamp the bird, I wanted him in bold so I used stayzon. this will ruin your good plastic so I used a wrapper and stamped in full with stayzon on that.
the place the junk plastic with bird on it where you want the reflection to go and press lightly.

easy way to do a reflection when you don't own a reverse stamp. Now its your turn to try it.


Godelieve said...

What a fabulous idea! Thanks!

melanie said...

it is a great idea thanks for sharing

Joan and Amy said...

Awesome card and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Joan

Carolyn King said...

wow...great idea and i love how the scene turned out! Fabulous!

Miz_Cat said...

Thanks Laura for the tut it explains it very well. I am doing a different kind of thing. hugs Cat

PS I went and got an avatar with a Scottie to. I would have got a cat to but it was one of the other.

Michelle said...

Beautiful ATC and thanks for the tutorial, I will see if I can give it a go :0)

Laura said...

That is a great tutorial! i might have to try that one day. Beautiful atc too!

Tarasdesigns said...

wow, that looks gorgeous

austampers stampin room said...

Wowzer this is gorgeous!! I always forget about this technique.

Rachel said...

Wow, awesome job! Thanks for the tutorial.