Monday, April 21, 2008

Radiant Roses

I love this stamp (hmm I think I say that a lot) its by peddlers pack not even sure if they are around anymore. Anyhow it is a large stamp that I tried a new product for me on. Perfect pearls. I really hate this stuff. I just am not a powder person I guess. But I had a challenge so this is what I ended up creating after trashing 4 other ideas.

perfect pearls is a product where you apply a wetting agent to the stamp kinda like versa mark I am thinking. then stamp it and apply powder with a brush. then with another brush clear away the unused portions.

you can't see it in the pictures well but it does leave a gorgeous sheen to it. I notched the corners and added some fun fur and mounted on black glossy paper.

I may or may not use that stuff again guess I need to pick stamps like this one to really make it worth my while.


Anali & Peter Wills-Gresham said...

What a great card, it is sooo classy!

melanie said...

Looks Beautiful

Joani said...

All I can say is "wow!" That card if fabulous!
You did a wonderful job!