Sunday, December 14, 2008

christmas holly cupcakes

don't they look fun?? I made these for a Christmas party. Simple cupcakes with chocolate leaves and red hot berries. everything was edible. I found the funnest book ever and knew I had to try this. They showed a wreath of maple leaves and I modified it down to holly leaves. Check out the Hello, Cupake book and their website as well.
didn't have my camera handy so used the cell phone while making the leaves. color looks off oh well. anyhow you need real leaves washed but for holly I was afraid that they might be poisoness. though I really have no idea so I bought some silk leaves with absolutely NO glitter on them that was a feat in itself. and started painting with chocolate. Freeze them after you add the hot chocolate to your leaves then they will be easy to pull apart. about 100+ leaves later I was finished and stored them till I made the cupcakes.

A little green food coloring to a can of frosting and you have the base.


Carolyn King said...

yummy and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

These cupcakes look so yummy! great job.

Kristine B. said...

YUMMMM!! Those holly leaves look AMAZING (and delish when I read they're made of chocolate!) :) Good job on these! I'll have to check out that book link.