Tuesday, December 23, 2008

white christmas

No worries about that here. We will have one and then some.

Its been a long winter already and we are barely there.

The dog had to have a path to go out. he really doesn't like the cold and wet

the smartest birds flew south for the winter and a good thing for their bath is full

And with that I leave you with this thought:

The streets are finally starting to clear
but what do I hear
more snow on the way
for Christmas day

our backs are in pain
and we complain
but what does one do when its done
pack our bags and head for the sun

The skiers are waxing their gear
in hopes of not landing on their rear
kids are bundled and yelling out their calls
gliding down hills and tossing snowballs

the plows are running day and night
worried shoppers hope their gifts are right
packages are wrapped and sent
cookies are baked and much money is spent

but remember the reason
for the season
Happy birthday dear Jesus
and god bless