Wednesday, May 7, 2008

being a girl

This is an old card I did about 2 years ago but it reminded me of how I was photographing my new nails for a friend. I thought it was time to do some gel nails and took the plunge. I LOVE them and hopefully I can work with them. I think french tip instead of color is so pretty and makes your fingers look longer. well that's my excuse for getting them instead of color anyhow.

So I have to admit it was late at night I propped up the camera and put it on timer and came up with a few shots of me. UGH not fond of my own picture but that's besides the point.

And I have to mention that my fetish is jackets. Especially the shirt jackets from a store called Christopher and banks (not sure if spelled that right) this is one of favorites. well the all are I guess. And of course a close up f the nails. see the sparkle in the gel love that little touch it will match the glitter I get all over me while stamping. Not the prettiest of hands but oh well

coming up tomorrow I hope to have a serious of scrapbook pages for guys completed.


Michelle said...

Lovely cards and nails stampmouse! I can see why you went for those and not colour, they are very elegant :0)

Joan said...

Your nails look wonderful....and I love that card. Cute of you to remember it. Joan