Sunday, May 11, 2008

stained glass butterflies

I hope everyone had a great weekend and all you mom's out there had a good mothers day. My family spoiled me as usual. And I had a good time with my mom as well.
these are two ATC's I did for a stained glass swap. well not sure you could call them stained glass but that's what I am calling them. they were both done with acetate. The above atc was stamped first on purple with a Denami stamp and then with stayzon stamped onto acetate. The back was colored with glue and then glitter attached. I was trying to get this to attach to the paper and it wasn't working well so did pop dots but HATED the look of them so added the little butterflies by rubber stamp tapestry (LOVE those peg stamps) then punched out and colored added to the edges.

This second one I smeared blue over some paper and then stamped this collage butterfly (I forget who this one is by at the moment) on to acetate and did the same as above with glitter. To adhere this one I xyroned the paper.


Carolyn King said...

how neat! love the stained glass look! Great technique!

melanie said...

wow looks great :)

Joan said...

oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh....These are fantastic. I can't even type words.....I'm typeless! LOL (speechless)
So, if I understand you, you stamped onto acetate, the put glue on the acetate to be covered with glitter? I've got to try this. And I love this stylized butterfly, it's so pretty. Joan

Joani said...

How pretty! Those are so nice!!
Great job

Anali & Peter Wills-Gresham said...

I love the color palette of these two cards, very rich.
Love'em, Anali