Friday, May 23, 2008

convention - stamp in the hand

On of my favorite booths always is Stamp in the hand I always love their stamps and now they are unmounted and in CD cases love this storage idea. My favorite is always Joyce Hazen

their booth always gets a big chunk of my money because I can't find their stamps anywhere and their online site doesn't yet sell them. wish they would hurry up and do that.

this card was done for my mom by Kat from stamp in the hand. love that artichoke stamp
this card by Joyce Hazen is really cool. the background is done with micro glaze. first stamp the bubbles and some swishes using a duster stamped into a thin coat of micro glaze. stamp onto glossy then rub an ink pad over top. magic I tell you.

this pop out card done by Jocye instructions can be found on Carol Duval's website

Joyce Hazen if you get a chance to take a class or watch her do it quick because she wont be doing them much longer. this is a tragic thing. I think because of her I have learned so much and spent many a penny. I really wish she would come out with some videos on her techniques.

some projects Joyce has done:
tic tac toe board,,HGTV_3255_2792055,00.html

receipe book,,HGTV_3288_3994553,00.html


Mary Dawn said...

those stamps are great, thanks for the link :)

Teresa said...

Wow, love those artichokes!!!

Stamping Seasons said...

Looks like you had heaps of fun... and come home broke. Love the coloring in done on the artichokes

Lisa said...

What unique projects. I enjoyed browsing your blog.
fellow SCSer

Joan said...

I love the bugs on the top card!!! They are so cool. Very cool backgrounds too. Joan