Thursday, May 8, 2008

guy scrapbook pages

went to a ctmh workshop and we did 8 layout pages theme "a guy thing"

Lots of fun like the little tags on this one.


wont be posting again to Saturday or Sunday. mom and I are off for our annual mother's day out and spending the night at an Indian casino where they have all you can eat CRAB yummy

so I leave you with my sad puppy


Carolyn King said... how you did those masculine pages---they are tough for me--lots of great ideas!
Adorable pup too!

Joan said...

These are great "Man" pages....awesome. I'll have to remember you when I start scrapbooking for inspiration.
By the way...I've been meaning to tell you that I enjoying seeing your Duncan whenever I'm on your page. We had a Westie when I was young, they're so cute...and he looks awesome in the leaves. Sorry he's sad...still cute though.

Hope you had a good weekend.