Sunday, May 25, 2008

heirloom convention puyallup - sum up

Last of my pictures and thoughts on the convention last weekend. The vendor selection was good only about 40 this time but some new ones. the above was a pin mom had made at one vendor that sold the angelic fibers fun idea. You take your stamp ink it up. leave with rubber side up on table inked place fibers on it. then parchment paper and then iron it. they fuse together.

Sadly though the make and takes on Friday night costing $20 were not worth it.

There were 2 great ones this first one by Taj of Honolulu ,which you saw a more pictures from earlier this week was a fun.

The second was Dee Gruening demoing for Sunday International. two fun atc's embossed in white on black then colored with markers over the embossing then used some cool pens to paint extra stuff on the black. she sold many of us on the pens and the squishy scissors.
one of the reasons we were disappointed in the make and takes was this card by creations unlimited. not a bad card just not worth the price it took me less then 5 min and then had another 25 min to twiddle my thumbs. worse then that was the fact that there were 5 different cards done at the table did different cards there were some really cool cards done too but we got STUCK with this one.

the last project I didn't even photograph it was a really cool book but no one finished it. It was from CTMH demos and just wasn't feasible in 1/2 hour. Not to mention no sample to know what we were doing and little direction for something that you only have 1/2 hour for.

so if going to a heirloom convention take note and be aware that the make and takes you are doing might not be worth your time and money. One note when one of the gals in our group mentioned this to the coordinator she was greatly offended and pretty much dismissed her thoughts on the subject. I heard from a couple people in other cities that have been to an heirloom convention and they pretty much said the same thing.

Did I spend to much yeah probably but some of these people I never see and some of these companies are new. You do learn a lot at a convention new tools, new techniques and new ideas. Great place to meet up with friends and if you travel a bit a nice "GIRL" weekend.

hope you enjoyed the convention stuff up next some more stamping I am just about finished with my June calendars

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Loretta's Blog said...

sorry you didn't like the make-n-takes. I love when you have neat projects to recreate when you get home.

Nice blog.