Thursday, December 27, 2007

day 3 - watercolor crayons and a cricut

Well I got a cricut for christmas and just had to use it. I only have the basic images but it worked for this card just great. the image is a dolly mama by Stamps Happen. stamped onto watercolor paper and then using the crayons I picked up the color with my waterbrush. LOVE that tool.

I goobered and missed a bit with the black and it got on the paper for the first image I had to distress the sides. this second image is the one I am using to make this blog candy with needs a little touch up I see but wanted to get this posted tonight. the watercolor paper is really a key to this. Plus I spent way to much time figuring out my new tripod and lights to get this picture taken so its not perfect either. I did do an image on regular paper and it was really blah and boring.

So same rules post a comment and a winner will be picked

winners?? oh you want to know about day one and two I bet well here you go.
send me an email at with your name and address and when the 12 days are done (or sooner if possible) it will be on its it way to you. All I ask is that you post an email or a note on your blog that you got it.

Day one Kelly's artistic Journaling won the viola chief card
day two Punkscrap won the chick card

who will be next?? find out tomorrow


Lindsay said...

Great Job Laura!! I love your days of christmas so far!!!

Cant wait to see some more!!


Lenore said...

You are so adorable -- sometimes the best cards come from "goobers"!

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

I just discovered that I won the Chef card! It is so lovely. Thanks so much for sharing!

punknscrap said...

Thank you so much!!! I am so excited to have won the chicken card, yay.
Your cards are great and I am loving your 12 days!

melanie said...

Looks great, I love how you have used crayons.

Joani said...

Love it! The cricket is a blessing, that's for sure ~ it makes things so easy... Love the coloring.