Sunday, December 16, 2007

top 10 reasons no is around much on the holidays

so I was wondering where everyone was and got to thinking about it and here is what I came up with:

1. you been wrapped and put under a tree till the 25th

2. you fell into the mailbox mailing your Christmas cards
3. you are lost on your stamp pile because you can't find your Christmas stamps

4. Mall security found you sleeping behind the planters at the mall where you were hoping to be first in line for the special

5. The gingerbread men you baked took you hostage and are currently holding you in your stove

6. the snow is so deep at your house that your internet connection went down and you are now communicating by smoke signals

7 you are going to so many holiday parties that you forgot where you live

8 you decided to do a family photo for your Christmas cards & you are still trying to figure out how to get last years picture out of the memory

9. you went caroling and remembered to late that you couldn't sing till to late and are now cleaning tomatoes out of your hair.

10. You were mocking Santa when the elves came to your door and captured you and you are now doing slave labor making toys.

so whats your excuse????


Joani said...

ha ha ha... That's so funny. TFS.
Love your blog! I look forward to seeing more.

Michelle said...

Ha ha! Great post! TFS :0) Great blog and I look forward to visting it again shortly as one of your sistahs!

punknscrap said...

great top 10!
Classic post.