Thursday, January 31, 2008

blogger frustration

Well I was going to up load an atc but NOOO its not letting me do that tonight.

grrrr Anyone else have frustrations like this???

I hope everyone is enjoying the blog. I am loving visiting so many others. I don't always leave a long comment but I try to say a little something. on occassion I just visit and don't leave a comment for various reasons. mostly I am at work and not logged in or it wants a verification and I can't always read those for some reason and get frustrated. Anyone else have that problem

let me hear your blog frustrations leave a comment and let me know what drives you crazy.


Anonymous said...

I can never seem to get my comments to post either!It's very irritating! I also visit lots of blogs but never leave comments...I always this think the blogger might get tired of reading comments or if my comment is pretty much like everyone else's, then I don't really feel the need to leave a comment. Should I anyway?
Love your blog!!
p.s. I don't have an "identity" and can't seem to get one through google. I'm having all kinds of problems, can you tell??

Lindsay said...

my blog frustrates me when it inserts spaces where there shouldnt be any, or doesnt insert one where there should be. oh yes and when it takes so long to refresh my page with a new blog entry!!! great topic!

Joani said...

I've been having some issues too! It's not just you! Just walk away and come back later ~ that's what I do.

Anonymous said...

You are not the first where I have read that blogger was giving them trouble. Maybe there is a glitch in the systems somewhere and hopefully they will work it out!! Hang in there!!