Sunday, January 27, 2008

valentine paper clip and snow

After a day of shoveling and digging ourselves and others out of the almost 14 inches of snow we got today it was playtime. I am making about 20 of these along with a card that I am still working on for some valentine swaps.

They are paperclips that are about 3 inches in length (Walmart) the tops are done with a scallop punch on silver paper. then one side has a red punched heart (creative memories) and then the second one is punched in white. Stamped with red from a hero arts stamps (was a large heart liked the design) then embossed with iridescent ice embossing powder. the other side is a small amount of ctmh sculpting foam then stamped with a ctmh heart stamp.

I used pop dots to adhere the scallops to the paper clip.

Here is a picture of the birdbath in the backyard taken this morning. since then we have had several more inches of snow With more to come tonight. The last time we saw this much snow was in 1993. So far we have exceeded our annual average of snow. But best of all my boss called and tomorrow is an official SNOW DAY!!!!!!!!! so that means I get to play more.

DUNCAN doesn't like the snow much but was very happy we made a pathway at the end of the yard for him.

Hey and that's me in front of the pile of snow almost as tall as I am we are running out of places to put it.


Lastel said...

Cute paperclips and wow look at all that snow !

Jackie said...

Brrr...the snow photos make me shiver just looking at them! Those paper clips are darling!

Diane said...

Your clips are great! Your swap partners will be please! At first I couldn't even pick Duncan out in that picture. I bet he did like the trail since it would have been over his head otherwise! LOL By the way the snow is beautiful.

Kelly's Artistic Journaling said...

I love making those paperclip bookmarks. We have lot's of snow here in Calgary too. It was so cold this morning our garage door wouldn't open, we had to open it manually! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

Joani said...

I love those paperclips! I can't seem to get enough of those!
And I'm jealous! We've got no snow to speak of this year... It looks like you've taking it all!! :)

Sue at Stampndaly said...

I like the paperclips. We get an inch or less of snow here and everything stops.

~Michelle~ said...

Cute clips....what a fun idea.
Nice snow!! ;)

Fiona Whitehead said...

Love those clips - what a great idea. I've never seen that much snow!!!!

Mindy said...

OH MY.......we rarely get snow. I'd enjoy a small snow...for just a day or two if hubby could stay home from work......but then I'd be ready for it to be GONE! Stay the clips, too!

juliejules said...

WOW fab paperclips. We had a little snow in the UK yesterday but it had gone by lunch time. I love snow but only if I have nowhere to go!!!! Jules SBS 6

art-girl said...

Very cute paperclips. I'll have to check out Wal-Mart for some of these clips. And I'm jealous of all your snow!