Monday, January 7, 2008

the winners - I got my bug

Well my 12 days of christmas are over and we have our last name. If you see your name and don't see a mailing by it please contact me to get your card and small prize at

Thanks everyone for playing in my blog candy. I will be having more cards and stuff up as much as possible so stay tuned

1- chef - kellys artistic journaling * mailed 1/3/08
2 - chick - punkscrap
3 - dolly mama - lenore * mailed 1/3/08
4 - cabin - Giulia from italy
5 - poppies - Jeanne S - mailing 1/7/08
6- atcs - Michelle * mailing 1/5/08
7 - envelop card - Lorraine mailing 1/8/08
8- butterfly chalk - Mindy * mailing 1/5/08
9 - Spirelli - Jennifer Hodge * mailing 1/5/08
10 -Stencil - tami in oh
11 -buffe's flower - Diane mailing 1/10/08
12 - butterfly -Aunt T * mailing 1/9/08

Well for christmas I got a cricut and today I just got my cuttlebug and some carts for the cricut. Doing the happy dance. but I am pooped today to tired to even play with them. so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

well just have to have some picture on here right?? here is a picture of my dog Duncan. He doesn't like the snow (like his mom too) and he is saying is it time to go in yet??


Anonymous said...

love that little doggie pic!

melanie said...

very cute, Love the photo the snow looks great

Aunt T said...

Hey - Aunt T - thats me :)

Tarasdesigns said...

your dog is gorgeous. I got a cricut for Christmas and to be honest it scares me, told hubby he needs to help me get used to it!


Jackie said...

Awww, let the puppy in, he's cold. You are going to have so much fun with that Cuttlebug!!

Diane said...

Duncan is SSSSSOOOO cute, if I was there I would have to kiss his little nose! LOL

Mindy said...

You doggie is adorable...and what a cute name! Your give away was tons of fun. Can't wait to get my card. I LOVE my cricket! Have fun!


Diane said...

Hey I think I'm one of your winners unless there are two Diane. I'll email you my address just in case!

laos348 said...

What a cute little doggie!!! And congrats to all the winners.

Amanda Sewell said...

Super cute puppy picture :)