Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Day 9 - Spirelli

Well we are coming down the home stretch on my 12 days of Christmas. Today's card doesn't scan very well nor could I get a picture of it so hopefully you can see what its like. Its called spirelli and I have to make 8 for a swap I am in. This is my prototype though I might put some gold around the edges to spice it up a bit.

Basically Spirelli
is wrapping threads around an object. On the card I used 2 different sizes of suns punched out of gold paper and stars punched out of silver paper. wrapped in either silver or gold embroidery thread . You can find more information about this technique here:,M1
and here:

I used a stampin up set for this and stamped the moon in silver encore then embossed with clear EP. And gold encore for the saying and clear EP embossed. Stippled (yes I love to stipple) some dark blue marvy pad around for misty sky.

So Same rules as always here are the winners so far. comment back and you could be the next winner. only a few more days left of my 12 days of Christmas

1- chef - kellys artistic journaling * mailed 1/3/08
2 - chick - punkscrap
3 - dolly mama - lenore * mailed 1/3/08
4 - cabin - Giulia from italy
5 - poppies - Jeanne S
6- atcs - Michelle
7 - envelop card - Lorraine
8- butterfly chalk - Mindy
9 - Spirelli - ???
10 -
11 -
12 -
note day 9's winning card will be cleaned up a bit from the one here.


SBinGA said...

I've never even seen this technique before. I will have to try this. Looks great!!

Anonymous said...

I love this technique - never heard of spirelli so I learned something new. Very pretty card!

Lenore said...

You did a fantastic job with this technique -- been wanting to try it ever since you first posted about it!

Jennifer Hodge said...

Wow I have never seen this techinique before, I am going to have to try it. I am so glad I subscribed to your blog and found it throught the Blog Comment thread at SCS!

melanie said...

Love it, the moon looks great

Teresa said...

Wow! This is so neat!!!

Joani said...

Love the sun, moon & stars set. Great work.

Mistylynn said...

This is very pretty. I like the string around the punch! TFS!

Diane said...

the technique is so pretty but looks like so much work, and I'm a lazy stamper!!!

Anonymous said...

You have some cute cards on this site. Great blog!

Aunt T said...

Great technique. I've not done this one before. Hmmm - I may have to give it a try!

Great job.