Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Time to play with the new toys

My first real all cricut card. I got my carts from creative express and used the animal card and the celebrations card to make this card.

I think this machine is going to come in handy. Though it will never replace my stamping.

We are knee deep in snow here literally. I am sooooo sick of snow and shoveling. Hope everyone is surviving the winter. And if you are a winter lover, well I do like the look of it just hate shoveling and driving in it.

Now off to think up what I am going to do for tomorrows blog that or tackle the many swaps on my list


Michelle said...

What a clever card! I love the tag. Very cute!

Stamping Seasons said...

Wow, this cards looks great. Poor thing stuck in snow... its sunny at my house... walk outside and its great if there was an in between somewhere!!!

Mindy said...

How cute! Speaking of cute, I got my butterfly card today. It is just as lovely in person. Thank you for the contest and the little sticker additions!


Lastel said...

What a cool card !