Monday, November 17, 2008


This shows a little dark here the bottom paper is a dark purple that has a glossy sheen to it. might be star dream paper but not positive. the black strip is a scrap of embossed black paper which you can see better in the close up. then some patterned paper and a stamped crane.

I was going to add some color to him but changed my mind I thought with this type of card it didn't need it I do wish I would have added some words to the bottom and maybe emboss the crane instead.

the stamp was bought many many years ago on a road trip to the puyallup rubber stamp convention at one of my favorite stores. make an impression. if you ever get that direction stop in they have a ton of cool stuff and local pacific northwest stuff.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your card is so breathtaking. I love it!

Mindy said...

Thanks for checking in on my again! I hope to start blogging again regularly. We'll see:)

Great cards! Don't you just love pulling out those favorite older stamps? I envy the people who can let go of their older stamps to make room for more. I'm just not that person. I have every stamp I have ever bought. sad:)

Stamping Seasons said...

Hello, great to have you back. Your card is great. Im off blog surfing before I start creating again.

Lorraine said...

what a lovely image. love your colors and the layout! tfs