Tuesday, November 25, 2008


The last of the quilts I am afraid, well the last I will share. I took many pictures and they are inspiring me and teaching me about color and about the little details they have and how I can use them with my cards.

Most of these show you all the details that make up a beautiful piece of work. this little bird for instance you see they have details in the feathers bringing them to life. the pine tree on this is done with embroidery but it makes each little piece of the branch stand out giving it life.

One of my favorites was this African quilt. besides the obvious color and elements there are so many details.

As seen in this close up of the elephants and a tree. look at the tree there is a little bird in it. now she could have just put a tree there and that might have been enough but she added the bird and it was just that added touch that bring this quilt to have more meaning and attractiveness to it.

Aah turtles floating in a pond of water. See the ripples? they make it look like they are really swimming. yet another detail that brings the work to life.

What shall I do next for inspiration?? hmm we will see. I hope you have gotten a little inspiration from each of these quilts so far. If all you get out of it is the fact that little details can really add to your art then that was enough. I know for me I will try to learn from what I have seen and create more detailed cards.

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