Tuesday, November 18, 2008

inspiration tuesday

nearing the end of my inspiration Tuesday quilt showing but this is a fun one. shapes and art.

The first is my favorite. the focal point is a face with some small embroidered old fashioned Ladies around it. Then the dancing ladies abound around it. Finished it off with an architectural swirl sets this quilt into a perfect picture.

I could see this as a perfect ATC.

My personal favorite new design in quilts. I love the way the colors intermingle . the design draws your eye and intrigues you.
Music always inspires turn up the music and let the sound move your heart.

lastly the romance of it all. from the strong red we get fierce desire and thoughts of the heart. Combine it with a little bit of flowers to soften that desire and you have romance.


Amber said...

Stunning, alot of work put into those. I know, I quilt a bit myself.

Cindy Haffner said...

Oh my I love these quilts, so so pretty.

Anonymous said...

This is so gorgeous!