Sunday, November 2, 2008

punch book

My stampin up demo has a great ongoing class. We usually make 5 or 6 different punched animals or whatever out of punches and then put them into a book that we bought at the beginning of the class. now when I need an idea I just open the book. I not only have the sample but I also have each piece punched out so I know what pieces made up that punched idea.

So I have had this book about an year now and haven't decorated it. I was determined tonight to do that. added some decorative paper. then added some chipboard colored with taken with teal and chocolate. Lastly I added ribbon. Now normally I am not a ribbon fan. Well shouldn't say fan just I don't use it much. Well as you can see I used a lot of it. it really made it look cool.

Here are two of the many ideas she has given us. I didn't want to show them all to be fair to her.


Rachel said...

Hahah, awww! What a fun idea. Love the bra/bikini top.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!